Mix range




A mixture of seeds, grains, fruits and spices for custom mixes 

Seed and grain mixes are associated with healthy eating, but they can also be made into something more indulgent. FLANQUART creates your very own custom mixes and also proposes some signature recipes.  

A mixture of seeds and grains to combine their nutritional qualities 

Eating a seed and grain mix allows you to enjoy the nutritional benefits of each of them. The idea is to combine a source of complex carbohydrates, such as cereal flakes, with plant fats, supplied by oilseeds. All this using natural ingredients. By adjusting the composition, colour and size of the seeds and grains, a different profile can be obtained for each seed and grain mix. This gives them their own specific benefits and identity. FLANQUART can create a mix of seeds, grains and their derivatives to meet your specific requirements.  

We have developed several standard mixes for you, including the 5-oilseed mix, primarily intended for use in speciality breads. Our Sports mix contains caramelised grain flakes and fruit cubes. These additions provide valuable extra energy during physical exercise. This seed and grain mix can be eaten with just a yoghurt, or it can be incorporated when making breads, pastries or even chocolate, for example. 

The concept of granola and muesli: well-known seed and grain mixtures 

It was the nutritional benefits of seed and grain mixes that prompted the creation of granola and muesli. Granola was invented in the USA in 1863 and muesli emerged in Switzerland in the early 20th century. Both have been recommended by members of the medical profession as part of a healthy diet for their patients. They saw the products as nourishing, balanced and natural. They are still frequently associated with healthy eating.  

But the recipes for these two famous seed and grain mixtures differ. Both of them contain cereal flakes, oilseeds and dried fruits, providing simple sugars and additional fibre. However, granola is a mixture of cooked seeds and grains, generally sweetened and sometimes available as a salted version. It contains clusters of seeds and grains and crunchy bits for a more indulgent mix.  

Playing with the senses using seed and grain mixes

Used as a topping or simply poured into a dairy dessert, a seed and grain mix adds a visual dimension. The diversity of colours, sizes and volumes of the seeds and grains, bits and flakes change the appearance of the finished product. The mouthfeel will also vary: bits will add crunch while dried fruits will bring softness. It’s up to you to decide what sensations you want to achieve. More generally, the taste will also differ depending on the choice of ingredients. To add interest and character to the seed and grain mix, we suggest you add some spices. We propose healthier granola mixes. We support our customers in choosing the right balance and produce custom mixes.