Colour: Chestnut brown, chocolate, 
Flavour: Chocolate 
Calories*: 406 kcal 
Protein*: 10.8 g 
Fat*: 15.2 g 
Carbohydrates*: 54.7 g, of which 23.2 g sugar  
Fibre*: 5.4 g


  • Natural
  • Savoury
  • Salted

Sources :UE and out of UE
Packaging: Paper bags containing 1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg and 25 kg

* on average per 100 grams of granola mix



Granola mix

Granola is a baked mixture of cereal flakes, seeds, grains and nuts, combined with oil and sugar. This baked mixture originated in the United States and was promoted by medical nutritionists in the 19th century. Granola was recommended as part of a healthy diet in many health centres and spas from the 19th to the second half of the 20th century. 

a mixture of baked seeds and grains 

It’s the baking that makes granola different from muesli. The clusters of cereal flakes, grains and seeds formed after baking are crunchy and give granola a more indulgent character than muesli. 

Granola can also take the form of a mixture of baked seeds and grains without clusters. Granola is very popular. It conveys the image of a healthy treat. However, many formulations contain too much sugar. 


At FLANQUART, we have developed low-sugar or even no added sugar granola recipes. We select the best ingredients for truly healthy granolas, drawing on our expertise in seeds and grains and their different forms. 

We formulate sweet and savoury granola recipes. The traditional production of our granolas in our production unit is a guarantee of authenticity and quality. Our teams can use their expertise to help you create your own signature granola.