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Supplier of seeds and grains for your industrial creations .

As a supplier of seeds and grains, we can find just the right one for your needs. 

To develop your product ranges and keep up with current trends, as a specialist in seeds and grains, FLANQUART can offer you a broad variety of products. 

Do you want to create a product that surprises visually? Do you want to vary your textures and flavours? Or to propose an organic or gluten-free range? Together, we will find the right seed or grain and the right form for your project. 

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of the food products that will be eaten 5 years from now don’t yet exist.
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of French people favour products containing natural ingredients
(Kantar Worldpanel, 2019)

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Flanquart est ravi de participer de nouveau au CFIA EXPO

An expert in seeds and grains for the food industry,
serving your creativity

As a centre of excellence for seeds and grains, we can help you design your new products. For your markets in France and around the world, as an industrial player you need to drive forward your product ranges. It is vital to develop original products and offer consumers new culinary experiences. Our seeds, grains, flours, flakes or pastes, and their various combinations, are a true source of creative inspiration for your teams. 

Developing Clean Ingredients 

to help you innovate

To meet the food challenges of the future, FLANQUART invites you to rethink the way you use seeds and grains. Currently used mainly as toppings and inclusions, seeds and grains actually offer a multitude of technical and functional properties. 

Thickeners, texturizing agents, gelling agents, improving agents, stabilisers or binders, FLANQUART develops ingredients from raw seeds and grains using simple, controlled processes that respect the raw materials, the people that produce them and the people that consume them. 

Chocolate making

Chocolate making

Pastry and baked goods industry

Pastry and baked goods industry

Biscuit making

Biscuit making


Delicatessen products

Delicatessen products

Ice-creams / Desserts

Ice-creams / Desserts

Health / Nutrition / Parapharmacy

Health / Nutrition / Parapharmacy

Your supplier of seeds and grains for the food industry is committed to working alongside growers to provide you with the best possible quality. 

As a family-run business, our relationship with you, and with all our seed and grain suppliers, is based on a partnership approach. From the choice of plant seed to the management of traceability, from the earliest possible stage, we work closely with farmers and technical advisors out in the field…  

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That’s the percentage of French people for whom health is an important factor when choosing a food product (Iri-LSA, Dec. 2020)

Food safety: a priority for you, and for us, as an expert in seeds and grains for the food industry

As a centre of excellence for seeds and grains, at FLANQUART we’ve been constantly investing in our industrial facilities for over 30 years. Our aim is to offer you an ever-greater variety of products and guarantee the very highest food safety standards…

since 2004
36 references

range since 2015
71 references

since 2017

As a seed and grain supplier, but also a designer of derivative products, we propose over 200 references. We are constantly seeking to innovate. 

 Our teams permanently monitor food and nutrition trends on your behalf. This approach allows us to be a pioneer in numerous markets, including the organic and gluten-free segments. 

 We are always on the look-out for the seeds and grains of tomorrow. And we test new processing methods to provide you with even more levers to help you stand out. 


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seed & grain bits

Seed & grain flours

Seed pastes

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