Calories*: 523 Kcal 
Protein*: 18.8% 
Carbohydrates*: 17% 
Fat*: 37.5% 
Fibre*: 18.45% 


  • Custom mixes

Packaging: Paper bags containing 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg and 25 kg, big-bags / Customisable labelling 

* on average per 100 grams of 6-seeds and grains mix 

Seed and grain mix

Seed and grain mix: 
visual appeal and health

Seeds and grains are very popular with consumers as healthy, natural ingredients. A seed and grain mix gives a strong product identity. Seed and grain mixes are used in formulations for a wide range of consumers. 

From athletes to seniors, or as part of a special diet, a well-selected seed and grain mix is also a promise of naturalness and authenticity. This accurate assessment by consumers is reinforced by the visual function of a seed and grain mix.

The variety of shapes, sizes and colours means that seed and grain mixes can add elegance to a mixed salad or depth to a bread crust.

Topping and inclusions

Whether it’s for baked goods, pastries, delicatessen products or catering, seed and grain mixes are the perfect solution for toppings. As well as their visual benefits, mixed seeds can be used to vary textures in the mouth.

The crunchiness of seeds and grains can be accentuated by toasting, which can also enhance certain flavours. For bread-making, as a topping or as an inclusion, a generous mix is ideal. For example, for a healthy bread, we can create a delicious gourmet topping composed of brown flaxseed, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds and millet, sprinkled with oat flakes for their golden appearance after baking. In pastries, a mixture of seeds and grains or caramelised seed and grain bits will catch the eye and tantalise the taste buds, with sesame seeds and caramelised pumpkin seed bits, for instance, or a combination of caramelised sunflower seeds and poppy seeds. The same is true for the inclusion of a seed and grain mix in a frozen dessert as a substitute for the more usual nuts. For delicatessen products, the catering industry and ready meals, seed and grain mixes are often that extra touch that makes the dish stand out, both visually and in terms of taste. For verrines, salads and ready meals, vegetarian or otherwise, a mix of black sesame seeds, toasted sunflower seeds and chia seeds will enhance the dish from a nutritional, organoleptic and visual point of view.

Expertise, quality, flexibility

We have solid expertise in the field of seed and grain mixes. Whether it’s a question of meeting your exact specifications or working with you to develop your own signature mix for your products, our teams and processes will meet your expectations.

With 30 years’ experience in the selection and supply of seeds and grains, all our mixes are created in our own production units. The seeds and grains can undergo prior microbial decontamination, depending on your needs. We also propose allergen-free mixes. A toasted seed and grain mix will bring even more crunch and flavour. Large grains and seeds can be crushed into bits for a more multi-coloured

range. This also helps even out the size of the seeds and grains in the mix. Thanks to our broad range of seeds and grains and our expertise, FLANQUART teams can support you in the creation of your own special seed and grain mix. Colour, size, nutritional value, source: we work to order to create the seed and grain mix you are looking for. We can also offer you several types of packaging and customised labelling to optimise the distribution of your seed and grain mix to your customers.

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