Support for a custom solution
using seeds and grains 

FLANQUART guides you in the development of custom products using seeds and grains. Together we will identify the best solution to meet your needs.

A custom offer using seeds and grains
defined on the basis of your requirements

Our ambition is to develop custom products using seeds and grains that are 100% right for you. To do so, we need to accurately determine your objectives, needs, constraints and expectations. That means discussing your project. How do you want to use the seeds and grains? Do you want to use them as an inclusion or as a topping? Or perhaps you are seeking to create a seed and grain mix, muesli or granola? Do you want to develop a new product or propose a variant of an existing reference? Your answers to these questions will guide us in the creation of a unique, customised product. If necessary, we can create a new reference for you in under a week.

Other questions for the development of custom products using seeds and grains include:

  • What exactly are you looking for?
  • A specific type of seed or grain?
  • Nutritional qualities?
  • To improve your product’s Nutri-Score?
  • A new texture or flavour?
  • To give your product a visual effect?
  • Microbiological requirements?

We will also have to consider whether you need a particular particle size or your expectations in terms of colour. On the basis of all that, we can draw up a list of seeds and grains and their variants that would be best for you. You might be interested in more processed products: flakes, caramelised seeds and grains, toasted, crushed or salted seeds and grains, etc. Products that we can produce to order.

Meeting your requirements for the design of your custom products using seeds and grains

To fine-tune our support for custom solutions using seeds and grains, we need to know even more. We need to know your market positioning. Maybe you have specific requirements in terms of allergens? If so, we can meet your needs using our dedicated allergen-free lines. You may also have microbiological constraints that go beyond the usual standards. That’s the case with dairy products, delicatessen products, ready meals and Baby Food grades, in particular. We will then point you towards decontaminated products that have been heat treated or toasted, depending on the case.

The development of à la carte seed and grain solutions also needs to meet your potential requirements in terms of production methods. For example, a large proportion of our references are available as standard or organic versions (link to Organic page). Similarly, you might have a preference for certain geographic origins. In that case, we will present the different options. Our teams can also advise you on market trends. In addition, they closely monitor crop conditions, which can help guide their choices. With this in mind, they can make recommendations to cover your needs.

Custom products and
à la carte services too 

There’s another important point when it comes to offering you a custom product: the timing. We need to know when you plan to launch your new creation. And, of course, we’ll take your delivery times into account. Once you have narrowed down your choice of grains, seeds or variants, our teams can work with you to test the different options. To make a complete à la carte proposal, we adapt to your packaging needs. Bulk, big-bags, palettes, bag sizes… We offer an extensive range of options.

Putting together a custom solution using seeds and grains requires a real partnership between you and us. Our wide range of seeds and grains, diversified by our various processing tools, opens up a whole host of different avenues for creating your own dedicated product. Whatever the sector you operate in, we are here to help.

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