The food safety of seeds and grains: ,
a priority at every stage

FLANQUART is committed to providing you with seeds of the highest possible quality and level of food safety, using recognised methods and practices. 


The food safety quality of seeds and grains is intrinsically linked to compliance with stringent requirements, which means that we closely monitor all our processes. 
Our quality approach has been validated by ISO 22000 certification since 2008, and FSSC 22000 certification since 2018. Our management of raw materials and Organic products is validated and guaranteed by a certifying body. We have had Kosher certification since 2018. 
The reuse of our by-products in animal feed is covered by FEED CHAIN ALLIANCE certification. 


Going beyond the legal requirements, our internal management enables us to respond to your traceability requests within a period of 4 hours. 
We ensure the traceability of our supply chain:

  • A set of production specifications, incorporating the requirements of good farming practice, is drawn up with our partner farmers. This means we can guarantee traceability in the field for the French production chain. 
  • Our industrial suppliers are rigorously selected and regularly audited. IFS, BRC or ISO certifications are key selection criteria. The fact that we have been working with some of our suppliers for more than 25 years illustrates our commitment to ensuring the reliability of our supply chain. 

Allergen management 

Allergen management is an integral component of food safety. 

Our facilities enable us to meet your requirements in terms of cross-contamination. 

We have allergen-free units and production lines. 

Our methods evolve in line with your requirements in order to guarantee constant compliance with your product specifications. 

Our work protocols and scheduling have been qualified in accordance with strict procedures, so you can be confident that our finished products are completely safe. 

Analysis and control plan 

The analytical control plan implemented ensures that optimal product safety and quality are maintained. 

Controlling the intrinsic qualities of the product (purity, moisture, etc.) helps consolidate our expertise, from raw materials through to delivered products. 
Most imported goods are subject to validation of parameters such as pesticides, ETO and microbiology, before they are even dispatched to our site. 
We adapt our analytical control plan for product release to your specifications. 
Analysis of the risks associated with raw materials, combined with a strict control plan, ensures that all our products comply with French and European regulations, as well as the specific requirements of your own specifications. 

Food Safety Culture

Food Safety Culture (FSC) is a systematic approach that aims to integrate food safety into all production activities and processes. 

In this context, FLANQUART focuses on creating a culture shared by all its employees that encourages personal and collective responsibility for food safety. 
This involves regular professional training sessions and collaborative workshops, covering a range of topics, such as: 

  • Encouraging behaviours and attitudes that contribute to food safety. 
  • Implementing effective and efficient food safety management processes. 
  • Minimising the risks of food contamination and deterioration. 

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