Form and particle size: Fluid paste, adjustable particle size
Colour: Beige to chestnut brown depending on the reference
Flavour: Sweet, peanut and walnut notes
Calories*: 640 kcal
Protein*: 24 g
Fat*: 55 g
Fibre*: 8.5 g


  • Natural
  • Toasted
  • Sweet
  • Savoury

Sources: EU and outside EU
Packaging: Buckets containing 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg, drums, consult us

* on average per 100 grams

Chia and sunflower
seed paste  

Chia and sunflower
seed paste  

Chia seeds are a superfood. High in omega-3, protein and micronutrients, chia seeds are an excellent prebiotic thanks to their high fibre content.

When chia and sunflower seed paste is mixed with a liquid, mucilage is formed, which can be used to stabilise a preparation or replace binding gums for a topping, or for gluten-free formulations in the baked goods and pastry-making industry.

Made in our production units, chia seed paste offers an alternative way of incorporating all the benefits of these seeds in your recipes. This paste can also be made on the basis of your specific requirements in terms of flavour (sweet, savoury) or colour, with a cream-coloured reference.

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