Form and particle size: Coarse ground, particles < 1 mm
Colour: Green
Flavour: Floral pumpkin flavour, mild to strong depending on the reference
Calories*: 490 kcal
Protein*: 28 g
Fat*: 33 g
Fibre*: 16 g


  • Natural
  • Decontaminated
  • Toasted
  • Caramelised

Sources : EU, outside EU
Packaging: Paper bags containing 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg and 25 kg

* on average per 100 grams


Pumpkin seed flour

Pumpkin seed flour

Pumpkin seeds are tasty oilseeds with a very high nutrient content. Our pumpkin seed flour is milled in an allergen-free production unit.

We use our expertise to propose a range of pumpkin seed flours. To ensure our pumpkin seed flour meets our customers’ requirements, we can decontaminate, toast or caramelise the seeds before milling. Pumpkin seed flour offers high-quality, original flavours.

Incorporated into formulations, sunflower seed flour has numerous applications. Baked goods, pastries, chocolate-making: pumpkin seed flour goes very well with sweet flavours. In delicatessen formulations, ready meals and sauces, tasty pumpkin seed flour, brings genuine
nutritional added value.

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