Form and particle size: Particles < 800 µ
Colour: Anthracite grey
Flavour: Characteristic earthy flavour of chia seeds, mild to strong
Calories*: 454 kcal
Protein*: 16.5 g
Fat*: 30.7 g
Fibre*: 34 g


  • Natural

Sources: Outside EU
Packaging: Paper bags containing 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg and 25 kg / Customisable labelling

* on average per 100 grams


Chia flour

Chia flour

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, micronutrients and protein, chia seeds are a superfood. Chia seeds are milled to produce flour in our own production units. We produce a flour composed of 100% non-de-oiled chia seeds. Chia flour offers an alternative way of incorporating all the benefits of the seeds.

Rich in fibre, hydrated chia flour produces mucilage. This gel can be used as a substitute for certain ingredients, such as stabilising gums, in dairy product alternatives, ice-creams and frozen desserts. Chia flour can be combined with other flours for healthy, gluten-free formulations for pastries and baked goods, biscuits and delicatessen products.

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