Form and particle size: Powder, 92% of particles < 300 µ 
Colour: White, grey 
Flavour: Nutty, rustic 
Calories*: 355 kcal 
Protein*: 9 g 
Fat*: 1.8 g 
Fibre*: 3 g


  • Natural

Sources: France, outside EU  
Packaging: Paper bags containing 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg and 25 kg / Customisable labelling

* on average per 100 grams

Buckwheat flour

Buckwheat flour

Buckwheat flour is produced in our allergen-free production units using hulled buckwheat grain. Buckwheat flour is associated with pancake-making. However, buckwheat flour has a multitude of uses beyond the traditional Breton pancake recipe. This gluten-free flour can be used as a base for baked good formulations. Due to its rustic flavour, buckwheat flour may need to be combined with another flour in breads or pastries. In addition to being a source of fibre and protein, buckwheat flour also has a prebiotic action.

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