Form and particle size: Crushed, size to order  
Colour: Variegated, green and beige  
Flavour:  Floral 
Calories*: 615 kcal 
Protein*: 30.2 g 
Fat*: 49.1 g of which 8.66% saturated fatty acids  
Fibre*: 6 g 


  • Toasted
  • Caramelised
  • Salted 

Sources: EU, outside EU 
Packaging: Paper bags containing 1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg and 20 kg 

* on average per 100 grams 

Pumpkin seed bits

Pumpkin seed bits

Crushed in our production units, pumpkin seed bits bring benefits in numerous applications.  For baked goods, pastries, biscuits, frozen desserts and delicatessen products, they offer attractive variegated green colours as a topping
Pumpkin seed bits go very well with cocoa flavours. Pumpkin seed bits can be easily incorporated into a muesli mix. 

Pumpkin seeds
for health benefits

Pumpkin seeds are greatly appreciated for their colour, shape and flavour. From a nutritional point of view, pumpkin seeds are high in good fats, protein and fibre. 

As part of an appropriate diet, pumpkin seeds are known to have an action on the genitourinary system thanks to their diuretic and antibacterial properties and their phytosterol content. 


We use our expertise to propose toasted pumpkin seed bits. The aromatic notes are more intense. 

Caramelised pumpkin seed bits can be used in pastries to replace pistachios and reduce costs.  
We can perform heat treatments to remove bacteria in our production units. 

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