Plant-based ingredients in ice-creams

Seeds and grains are used as ingredients for ice-cream makers. They enhance the textures, as well as the aromatic and nutritional profiles of ice-creams and frozen desserts. 

Ingredients to surprise and stand out  

Unexpected at first, seeds and grains and seed pastes have many advantages for ice-cream makers. The idea is to offer consumers new taste experiences. 

As a topping, whole or crushed seeds or grains, caramelised, natural or toasted, have the power to surprise consumers seeking an indulgent treat. They allow you to stand out from your competitors with original ranges. 

Thanks to their different textures, seed and grain products bring diversity as ingredients for ice-cream makers. Their crunchy texture contrasts with the smoothness of the ice-cream. Their shapes and colours also add to the visual appeal of the ice-cream.

Consumers are already very familiar with ice-creams containing exotic nuts. Our broad range of seeds and grains, either raw or processed, brings a touch of originality. 

For a change from traditional products, shake things up and add seeds and grains to your ice-creams! 

Oilseed pastes for new flavours 

Oilseed pastes are made in our production units and contain 100% seeds. These pastes have a fluid appearance and are very easily dispersed in a liquid. They are high in protein and fibre and have a healthier monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat profile.  

Seed pastes have useful applications for ice-creams and frozen desserts. They are stable when frozen. They can be used to develop vegan frozen desserts. The flavours are original and just as delicious as a traditional recipe. Indulgent vegan ganaches can also be made from the pastes. 

Hemp, chia, pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds, as well as flaxseed, either toasted, salted or caramelised, create opportunities for a broad range of flavours to delight even the most discerning palates. 

Classic products will always continue to be winners. Adding variety also helps arouse the curiosity of consumers, and perhaps attract new ones. 

Clean ingredient and E-clearer

Seed pastes are clean ingredients. They are additive-free, composed of 100% seeds. Some of these pastes have useful functionalities for ice-cream making. Some of our pastes can be used to stabilise, prevent frosting and encapsulate air.  

We can also propose these functional solutions using seed and grain flours. These ingredients for ice-cream makers meet French demand for natural, healthy products, while still delivering on the delicious and refreshing promise of a good ice-cream!  

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