Ingredients for snacks
and on-trend delicatessen dishes

Seeds and grains are increasingly being used as ingredients in the ready meal industry. With the rise of street food, vegan food and consumer demand for naturalness, they’re making their way onto menus.

The delicatessen products sector is a very dynamic one. In Europe, this market has even been shown to be the most innovative in the industry, accounting for more than 7% of new food products (ProtéinesXTC world panorama, 2019). The use of seeds, grains and their derivative products for the snacks sector is part of this innovative trend.

Ingredients for the ready meal industry that can be used as a topping

The sharp rise in demand for seeds and grains as ingredients for the ready meal industry is even more marked for snacks. In France, this segment is a growth driver on delicatessen product shelves (Iri, 2019). A number of key products are leading the trend, such as poke bowls or salads. These are enhanced with seeds and grains, used as a topping for the visual finish of the recipe.

Seeds and grains used as ingredients for snacks can also give an exotic touch. This market draws inspiration from all around the globe. From Hawaiian bowls and Japanese sushi, sprinkled with black sesame seeds, to salads made with quinoa, a star from South America, seeds and grains make all the difference. They help give character to a recipe.

Ingredients for snacks and delicatessen products that play the natural card

Seeds and grains are plant-based ingredients for ready meals and snacks.

Hence they meet a new consumer demand. They add fibre and some are high in plant-based proteins and minerals. That’s the case for pulses, which are increasingly being used to create ready meals. They can be included in your products via our range of micronised pulse flours. Pseudocereals and oilseeds are also milled into flour to be more easily incorporated into your recipes.

The development of our oilseed paste range meets a growing demand for plant- based nutrition, particularly in the context of the food transition. The seeds are ground to obtain a fluid paste. High in unsaturated fats, seed pastes can be used as a substitute ingredient or directly as a base for a finished product (plant milk, vegan cheese, sauces, etc.). And some of them also have surprising functionalities!

Discover our oilseed pastes, which are clean ingredients.

Consumers need to be reassured when it comes to food safety. This means choosing high-quality snack ingredients. To meet industrial microbiological requirements, our seeds and grains can be heat-treated.

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