Seeds, grains and chocolate

Seeds, grains and chocolate are a great mixture. Some grains and seeds are native to South America, just like chocolate. But other seeds from across the world from the American continent also go very well with chocolate. New flavours and crunchy textures are the order of the day.

to surprise and satisfy

Ingredients for chocolates and confectionery need to be able to keep up with the trends. Designing indulgent treats with unfamiliar and surprising flavours, at the same time taking into account environmental and public health concerns, is one of the trends of the moment. The creations of master chocolatiers and contemporary chefs are the perfect illustration.

In chocolate-making, seeds and grains are increasingly used. Seeds and grains bring a new twist to chocolate treats, making a change from the traditional nuts. In addition, seeds and grains are good alternatives to satisfy consumers allergic to nuts.

Seeds and grains also help rebalance the carbon footprint of chocolate. The production methods for seeds, grains and cereals are less energy-intensive and more economical than for certain nuts or dried fruits. (sources Cocoa is a promise of pleasure. And chocolate has health benefits too! It’s naturally rich in antioxidants and minerals and stimulates the production of endorphins and serotonin, so why not combine it with the benefits of seeds and grains? An opportunity to formulate chocolate products for discerning consumers.

Breaking with tradition
and thinking outside the box

To make a change from classic recipes, the current trend is for inclusions and fillings. The idea is to offer customers new taste experiences.

We propose several solutions for chocolate-makers allowing them to stand out from their competitors with original ranges.

Pseudograins and oilseeds are high in flavours that perfectly complement those of chocolate. Earthy, fresh, fruity or floral: you’ll find the aromatic note you’re looking for in our range of natural and hulled seeds and grains. These flavours can be softened or increased depending on the intensity of the toasting carried out in our production units. Toasting also makes the seeds and grains crunchier.

Caramelisation, carried out in our production units, can be supplemented by salting, which works very well with chocolate.

We crush seeds and grains, with a controlled grain size, for smaller inclusions. Seed and grain mixes are one of our specialities. We can help you select the best seeds and grains for your requirements.

Oilseed pastes:,
alternative ingredients for chocolate-making

We have developed a range of oilseed pastes ideal for chocolate-making. These

pastes, which are similar in appearance to a praline paste, can be used as a base for a tasty filling.

Sunflower seed pastes are allergen-free alternatives to peanuts. Pumpkin seed pastes are more economical than pistachio but just as tasty. In addition, pumpkin seed paste is a powerful colouring agent.

You can discover our seed pastes in natural version: 100% oilseeds. Or, if you prefer a more indulgent version in your recipes, try our sweetened, salted or toasted pastes. These ingredients for chocolate-makers meet French demand for natural, healthy products.

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