The contribution of seeds and grains for baked goods and pastries

Widely used in the baked goods and pastry-making industry, seeds and grains bring real added value to breads, pastries, cakes, crispbreads and crackers. Bringing health benefits and a visual signature, FLANQUART’s wide range of grains and seeds are a guarantee of quality and will help your products stand out from the crowd.  

Seeds and grains: sales growth drivers

Seeds and grains for the baked goods and pastry-making industry are an
undeniable lever for diversifying your product offer.
Speciality breads are on the rise. Seeds and grains convey an image of health
and authenticity. As baguettes, other breads or sandwiches, the seed and grain
version is very popular with connoisseurs (poppy seeds, sesame, etc.). They
rank it in their top 3 favourites.

What’s more, expanding the range of breads is a consumption driver for 30% of French people. These are the findings of an opinion survey entitled “The French and their bread, five years on” published in 2021, and commissioned by the French Baking Industry Federation and various players in the sector.

As a topping or inclusion, we are here to help you find the seeds and grains, seed and grain mixes and seed and grain bits you need for a varied, high-quality range that will make your products stand out from the crowd.

Optimising the nutritional value
of your recipes

In addition to their visual benefits, seeds and grains also optimise the nutritional value of your recipes. A source of protein, fibre, minerals and vitamins, seeds and grains are widely seen by consumers as being partners in health.

To fully benefit from all these nutrients, we propose several seed and grain versions created in our production units.

Seeds and grains can be crushed to produce seed and grain bits. The advantage of these is that they facilitate assimilation of nutrients by the body. Discover our seed and grain range!

Milled into flour, seeds and grains become ingredients in their own right in your recipes. Whether they are made from oilseeds, pseudocereals or pulses, our range of seed and grain flours are ideal for the development of creative speciality bread recipes. These flours are processed in an allergen-free production unit.

A FLANQUART speciality, oilseed pastes are innovative options for incorporating the benefits of seeds and grains into all your recipes. Made in our production units, seed pastes are a great solution for vegan or gluten-free formulations. Seed pastes can be customised to meet your needs.

Flavours, textures and
functional ingredients

As a seed and grain specialist, we can meet all your specific requirements.

Our expertise and production capacities allow us to propose unique references for your products.

Toasted seed and grain bits offer a variety of crunchy textures with delicate or more pronounced characteristic flavours. Caramelisation brings an indulgent note, which can also soften certain botanical flavours. Caramelised and salted, seeds and grains will enhance pastries with delicious flavours that will set your products apart.

Seed and grain flours and pastes are also available in toasted, caramelised or salted versions. They bring new flavours and clean colours to your products. The functionality of seed and grain flours and pastes can also play a role in your formulations. Seed and grain flours and pastes can serve as e-clearers, replacing the use of food gums to provide texture and smoothness to some preparations. Our flours and pastes are developed using non-de-oiled seeds and grains. Their fat content allows you to formulate new products, high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Some references can replace eggs for vegan formulations, for instance.

Discover our seed and grain flours and pastes.

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