Our story

The company

Founded in 1992 by Olivier and Marie-Laetitia Dusaussoy, Flanquart is an expert in seeds and grains processing for the food industry.
With over 25 years’ experience, Flanquart is today a centre of excellence for food seeds.
As a supplier to the food industry, Flanquart has the expertise, flexibility, responsiveness and reliability necessary to meet your needs.


Who do we work with?

We supply those products to the food industry:

  • Millers, industrial bakeries,
  • Pastry and biscuit producers
  • Chocolate, confectionary, ice cream factories
  • Caterers, health or beauty products manufacturers


Our Passion    

Our passion is to provide the food industry with a wide range of products

  • Seeds, toasted seeds, caramelised seeds, bits of seeds
  • Flours and pastes (toasted and caramelised)
  • Flakes and dried fruits
  • Tailor-made blends (seeds, flakes, fruits, spices)

We would like to be a major source of new ideas so that we can always offer you innovative products.